7 Ways to Steal Katy Perry's Quirky Style ...

Are you a fan of Katy Perry's style? Maybe you'd like to try out her look, but don't want to look like an obsessed fan or wannabe lookalike. Or you love her image but couldn't quite pull off her quirky look. Happily you don't need to be a total copycat - you can borrow elements of Katy's outfits instead. Here are some smart ways you can steal Katy Perry's style …

1. All Change

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The first step in acquiring a touch of Katy Perry's style is to change your look frequently. Katy doesn't have a signature look, and is often seen in wildly different outfits. Since you don't have her budget (or access to lots of lovely designer freebies), try more inexpensive ways of changing your wardrobe. Accessories can dramatically change an outfit. You can also customise your clothing or pick up inexpensive pieces in thrift stores.

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