7 Ways to Wear Black without Being Boring ...

There are plenty of ways to wear black without being boring. We’ve all heard the lines that black is slimming and it goes with everything but sometimes head to toe black outfits, while classic, can seem a bit bland. This is especially the case when you take into account all the colourful clothing that is trending at the moment. If you find yourself wearing a lot of black and want to shake things up a bit, take a look at these different ways to wear black without being boring.

1. Play with Proportion

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An easy way to wear black without being boring is to choose clothes with interesting shapes, silhouettes, and proportions. Try a black top with exaggerated sleeves or a dress with an interesting silhouette. Peplums are still popular but this season try clothes with exaggerated frills and ruffles to add some drama to your look. Playing with shape and proportion is a great way for you to stand out in your black clothes.

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