7 Ways to Wear Festive Fair Isle Print ...

Prepare for a Nordic winter and stay chalet chic with these 7 ways to wear festive Fair Isle print. Even if you’re not hanging out on the slopes this season, the conditions are perfect for sporting après ski’s alpine look with festive Fair Isle prints you can bundle up to throughout the winter. This classic and festive wintry pattern isn’t just reserved for high altitudes and ski hills, as urbanites are encourages to give their cold-weather wardrobes an Aspen worthy makeover to fight the cool chill. For black diamond level style, pile up on just the right mix of chunky knits, luxe layers, rich textures, furry accents and cozy woolen extras for best results when testing these 7 ways to wear festive Fair Isle print.

1. Stick to One Piece

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A little goes a long way when it comes to ways to wear festive Fair Isle print. Sticking to one piece per outfit means maximum impact without being overdone. Cozy up to a traditional Fair Isle sweater or cool contemporary leggings to give this festive print a modern makeover for the holiday season.

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