7 Ways to Wear Printed Scarves ...

Sorting out my wardrobe last week, it hit me just how many ways to wear printed scarves there are. For such a cheap, stylish and versatile accessory, I definitely don’t wear mine enough! Now that it’s time to pack away the thick wooly scarves and get a warmer wardrobe out, I’ll definitely be trying to show mine off more by looking for ways to wear printed scarves – and investing in some great new patterns!

1. Brighten up Black…

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One of my favorite ways to wear printed scarves is to add a statement pop to an all-black outfit. Whether it’s a work suit or a chic little black dress and jacket, the right scarf can light the look up, and make it utterly irresistible. A bright red scarf is perfect for rocking the contrast look, or if you prefer patterns, try zebra or leopard print. Just loop around the neck and you’re ready to go – it’s super easy, and oh-so-chic.

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