7 Ways to Wear Red and Sizzle Your Way in to This Summer ...

I like to think there are plenty of ways to wear red, but believe it or not I’m always trying to figure out how to add it to my daily outfits, especially in the summer. Red is one of my favorite colors and if I had enough red clothes I would wear it every day of the year. Although I recently went on several clothing shopping sprees this summer, I’m convinced red is the fault-proof color of the season. And you don’t have to only wear it in a shirt or bottom. There are many fun ways to wear red, so here they are!

1. Nail Polish

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Va va va voom - red nail polish! How can you go wrong? I think women of all ages can rock red nail polish and it’s a great way to incorporate red into your outfit this summer. Personally I think an all-white pants suit with some fiery red nail polish is one of the best ways to wear red this summer. Overall it’s classy but fun and sexy at the same time, and if you’re feeling adventurous I wouldn’t hesitate to wear something like that to an upscale barbecue or even a fancy interview or meeting

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