7 Ways to Wear Sequins in the Office ...

I’m on a quest to discover every single way to wear sequins at work. Yep, you read that right – sequins at work. I just love sparkle, and there’s nothing like a glimmering outfit to catch the eye and put you in a great mood, which is just what you need after a day of back-to-back meetings or stressful assignments. You need to be really careful to prevent yourself from going overboard, though. We’re thinking subtle yet sparkly, not “walk of shame”!

1. Go Casual

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You can easily dress down a sequin top by wearing it with a bold jacket and some black trousers or jeans. Olivia Palermo recently did something similar on the HBO red carpet, and looked amazing! This is definitely great inspiration for how to wear sequins at work. Steal the look by making sure that the jacket is loose and casual, and rolling up the sleeves slightly for a more casual finish.

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