7 Ways to Wear the Neo-Modern Trend ...

Stay on top of spring fashion by learning all the different ways to wear neo-modern trends. While the term neo-modern might seem a bit like β€˜fashion speak,’ the trend is basically all about reinterpreting classic looks in fresh and modern ways. Keep an eye out for updated takes on classic pieces of clothing, eye-catching silhouettes, and bold prints and patterns. Take a look at a few ways to wear neo-modern trends, below.

1. Shape

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When looking at ways to wear neo-modern trends, take the shape of your clothing into account. Create on-trend looks by choosing clothes with sleek lines and streamlined shapes. Avoid clothes that are ill-fitting or too flowy. Shift dresses, cigarette pants, and sheath-like skirts are all examples of how you could wear the neo-modern trend. If your clothes are less β€˜shape’ and more β€˜shapeless,’ then cinch in outfits with a sleek waist belt.

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