10 Ways to Wear the Pantone Colors of Spring ...

What do you think of Pantone’s colors of the year? Their Spring 2015 color palette certainly makes a change to the dullness of winter – we’ve got soft mints, bright turquoises, deep navy, gentle browns, blush pinks and bright oranges, along with some more neutral grays and greens. In short, it’s impossible not to feel ready for spring once you’ve looked at that color scheme! Here are the best ways to wear them, so you can get started straight off!

1. Aquamarine

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I love aquamarine. In fact, I’m wearing an aquamarine jumper today, because this gorgeous blue is just a step up from the usual grays, meaning it can literally be worn all year round. It’s a really flattering color, too! If you don’t fancy grabbing some sea-inspired knitwear, opt for make up instead. Cavu blue is a striking eye shadow, so definitely give it a try.

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