7 Ways to Wear This Season's Must-Have Eyeball Print Trend ...

The eyeball print trend has hit the height of popularity recently, thanks to cult designers like Kenzo. Whether you prefer an evil eye print or something more Egyptian-inspired, the number of eye print clothes and accessories for you to choose from seems to be growing quite rapidly. Designers have been having a field day, with things from eye print shirts to shoes making an appearance on store shelves. Feast your eyes on these ways to wear the eyeball print trend this season.

1. Eye Print Sweater

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Kenzo’s cult eye print probably kick started this whole eyeball print trend. This all seeing eye print is featured on many Kenzo pieces, from sweaters to iPhone cases. This neoprene and fleece sweater is very expensive at over $400 but for those on a budget you can always try finding similar t-shirts and accessories. A simple sweater like this could be worn with skinny jeans and sneakers for a sport luxe look.

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