7 Ways to Wear Trendy Soft Neutrals ...

It’s that time of year when we're getting ready to ditch the burgundy, black and charcoal in favor of cream, light gray, beige and maybe even some tiny hints of pale lavender or mint. You’re not ready to break raspberry or coral out of your closet yet, though. In other words, you’re in the mood for the trendy soft neutrals that whisper spring. Of course you can wear whatever color you want at any time of year but there’s something very captivating about wearing trendy soft neutrals right now.

1. Slip into a Neutral Cardigan

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Cardigans are the perfect clothing staple for late winter and early spring. As the sun begins to tease you with a hint of warmth, this layer is the one most of us end up grabbing for. Cardigans come in every color imaginable so it’s easy enough to pick up some in trendy, soft neutrals. These are such versatile pieces for your wardrobe. They mix and match with practically everything.

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