7 Ways to Wear White Jeans ...

We think white is way too fabulous to give up wearing just because Labor day has just gone by. Here's guest contributor Lorna's tips on how you can wear and rock your white jeans.

White jeans are such a fantastic way of wearing denim throughout the year! You may think white jeans are a bit daunting and too much to handle, however they can be styled really easily, almost as easily as a regular pair of blue jeans! Here are 7 great ways to wear them.

1. Monochrome

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One of the best ways to wear white jeans is to pair it with shades of black, grey or silver. White can be combined with practically any color but pairing it with these shades really creates a sophisticated and classic look. I love wearing my white jeans with a grey blazer, lighter grey top and black shoes! Monochrome is definitely a statement on its own!

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