9 Ways to Work the Lip Print Trend into Your Wardrobe ...

Designers this season are getting lippy and have been championing the lip print trend. It’s a quirky take on feminine dressing and one that’s proving to be popular. From flirty dresses to laid-back loafers, designers have been adorning a range of the latest fashions with luscious lip details. Get ready to pucker up with these lip print trend pieces.

1. Stella McCartney Appliqué Cotton Sweatshirt

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One of the most notable designers to embrace the lip print trend has been Stella McCartney. The latest collection from the designer consists of a range of tops and dresses that feature lip motifs. This sweatshirt is a simple yet effective take on the trend. It comes in a fresh white colour and features appliquéd embroidered lips. It has a relaxed style which makes it perfect for pairing with denim and flat shoes.

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