7 What Were They Thinking Sex and the City Outfits ...

There are plenty of “Sex and the City” outfits that make me question what they were thinking! When I started watching this show I had no idea that there would be so many horrible outfits because people are always talking about the fashion in the show. It’s rare that an episode goes by that I don’t shake my head at an outfit. I wanted to show more, but it’s surprisingly hard to find pictures! Here are seven what were they thinking “Sex and the City” outfits.

1. Carrie, Overdone

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This is one of those "Sex and the City" outfits that could have been fine, but then it was overdone and became horrible. If Carrie had just worn the shirt and a neutral pair of pants, without the headband, then this wouldn’t have been too bad. The combination of a bright shirt with what looks like Mickey Mouse ears on it on top of a pair of pants that bright is just too much. It’s so weird to think that this same woman can be called a fashion icon.

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