What Your Choice of Panties πŸ‘™ Says about You πŸ‘†πŸΌ ...


Have you ever wondered what your choice of panties say about you?? Maybe it's time to find out! Keeping reading for your prediction πŸ™Š πŸ‘™

P.S it's not my intention to offend anyone with anything said below, so please don't take it too personally or seriously! It's meant to be a fun post, and one that you can smile or have a laugh as you read 😊 ✌️

1. Bright Coloured Underwear

Any ladies who love to wear bright coloured underwear love to be the life of the party and have all eyes on them! They adore attention from those around them and often have fun, vibrant personalities that always makes them super memorable!

Cheeky Panties
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