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What's with "Never Wearing the Same Outfit Twice"?

By Christopher

Is it just me, or do some people never wear the same outfit twice? It happens everywhere. In church, in school, and in the workplace. Yeah, it doesn’t just happen in the club. I call it, “Outfit Reputation Syndrome.” It’s bad for your health and for your wallet!

Over the holiday, I even found myself asking, “Did I wear this last time?” Yes, I had a little touch of this fashion flu. But, what about the fashion extremist? Those who never repeat an outfit… ever! I’m talking 365 days a year, 365 different outfits! Whoa! Let’s take a closer look at this insane “addiction.”

Starting with the workplace… There is always someone dressed to the tee, showing off at work, every single day. They got the dress, the shoes, the purse, and the press on nails! They have the pants, the jacket, and even the hair they paid for or paid to get done. They top it all off with a dab of lipstick and expensive perfume. Everybody’s impressed! All the guys are looking. All the “jealous” girls are looking too, side-eye, eye-roll, teeth smack, and all.

What about the cost? Yeah, it’s expensive. It’s also an addiction because the “dapper dames” and “dapper dons” don’t want to let their un-dapper onlookers down. Dressing brand new every day becomes part of their reputation. Maintaining this reputation comes with a hefty price tag. Yes, cash and addiction.

In church, you see elaborate dresses, scarfs, and of course ridiculous hats! Forget about the collection plate, “Girl, did you see such-n-such’s hat?” Big hats, small hats, royal wedding hats, and mega-Darth Vader hats like Cicely Tyson had on at Aretha Franklin’s funeral! If you don’t believe me, check out the links at the end of this article! In all fairness, Cicely Tyson is a legendary actress, and the Royals are loaded, but what is your co-worker’s excuse? This type of addiction ain’t cheap!

I remember years ago being in college and being in shock. You should have seen some of these outfits these anointed chicks were wearing. I never saw them repeat. Every day, a new outfit. There I was struggling with financial aid, wondering if I was enrolled in fashion school.

To be honest, most of the female students wore sweatpants and sweatshirts. The clothing addicts were few, but present, making their ever-presence known. Some of the guys were just as bad, wearing $120 sneakers in every color for every day of the week. I knew some of these kids, they were not rich. Were they just addicted to their apparel reputation? Did they have (ORS) also known as, Outfit Reputation Syndrome?

Some parents and their babies are no different. I could see changing diapers back-to-back every day, all day… booboo ain’t no joke! But, what’s up with these parents that have a new outfit for their baby every day for the first 18 months of life? I even saw one baby outfit covered from head to baby toe in Polo jockeys! It was bright red! Is it for their reputation, or the drooling baby?

For most of us, we mix-and-match our jeans with a shirt, shoes, and whatever. I have about four pairs of jeans and a handful of shirts. That is about as good as it gets. Most women, find creative ways to make the old look new. They work it, juggling shirts, skirts, and stretch pants. They change a bag or two, flip this, throw that, put on some gently worn flats and hit the door. Once in a while, they treat themselves to a dope outfit with thigh-highs and they’re good. They get their compliment and a balanced budget at the same time!

But, oh the fashion addicts! They will call in sick before showing up with the same outfit twice. They will skip their rent, not to wear Skippies! They will be an accessory to a crime before they go without new accessories! They will even skip a wedding, calling it fashion Armageddon!

If you can afford it, have fun! If you are like the rest of us, follow this rule. If you only got two pair of underwear, wash them every two days and go! If you have Outfit Reputation Syndrome, be true to the game! Never wear the same pair of undies twice! And, make sure you iron them.

There you have it! Reputations are expensive, so make sure you know the cost. Until then, keep your shirt on. Yeah, the one you wore Monday.


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