Which Jeans Are Best for Me?


Which Jeans Are Best for Me?
Which Jeans Are Best for Me?

Have you ever asked, "which jeans are best for me"?

Many women have had a moment when they are confronted with racks upon racks of jeans and do not know where to start. Questions start flying through their head almost instantly. What color is in right now?! How many types of jeans could there possibly be?! How do I know if it’s the right fit?! Well, take a deep breath ladies, I have done the research for you. Below are the top eight pairs of jeans and colors that have been trending this year. Your jean dilemma is over! So here's the answer to "which jeans are best for me"?

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Straight Leg Jeans

clothing, jeans, jacket, blazer, coat, The number one jeans are a classic that have been around a while and are the straight leg jean. These are the type of jeans that you can never go wrong with. They are comfortable to wear and have that slightly fitted timeless look. They can be worn to go on a casual date or for a quick run to the market. Paired with the right accessories, a variety of different outfits are available. If I could find them all, I would get these jeans in every color.



jeans, footwear, denim, road, infrastructure, Ok, Ok so they are not technically jeans, but they are still a representation of one. They have all the different colors and style typically associated with jeans but in a much more fitted and comfortable material. My design choice for jeggings is the distressed blue jeans design and the black jeans design, because both can be dressed up with the right shirt and shoes or dressed down, but in a much more fitted and comfortable material.


Super Slim

clothing, shoulder, girl, joint, flooring, Super slim jeans are like jeggings because they are fitted, but they are true jeans. They have the benefit of making your legs look amazing and go well with heels. They are also made of an elastic denim material that makes them more comfortable than constricting. For super skinny jeans the classic light blue look is very popular, but dark blue and black are also very good choices. Super slim jeans are great for partying with friends or going on a shopping trip.


Boyfriend Jeans

footwear, leg, shoe, shoulder, joint, Boyfriend jeans are a type the walks that line of being fitted enough to show off your curves and baggy enough to enjoy wearing in comfort. They are known to have that folded cuff at the bottom to show off a great set of shoes and have the benefit of preventing damage to the pants. While choosing the right color is important, for these jeans you also must choose the right style. I would recommend the distressed style of pants in a dark blue or black. That way they not only go with everything, but are fashionable as well.


Girlfriend Jeans

jeans, clothing, denim, fashion model, sunglasses, The girlfriend jeans are like boyfriend jeans because they are relaxed and have a very comfortable fit. One of the only differences is the cuff at the bottom of the pants. Rather than a multiple fold over cuff there is almost no fold over required to get that raised look. These jeans are trending right now and come in many different designs and styles. I would recommend a pair that has a wash design to make them interesting and unique.


High-Waisted Jeans

clothing, jeans, fashion model, shoulder, waist, This type of jeans accentuate a woman’s waist. These jeans, at first glance, may seem reminiscent of old fashioned pants, but they are certainly trending today. They also come in several different colors, but I love these jeans in dark grey or black. They are perfect for that extra layer of warmth and make your body look amazing.


Boot Cut Jeans

jeans, red, clothing, photograph, facial expression, These types of jeans are a favorite of mines on cold days when you have no choice but to wear boot. They tend to be fitted on the top and flared slightly at the bottom. They are so comfortable and are perfect for going shopping or for just a walk around your town or city. They go over your boots to ensure that it is comfortable and fashionable.


Low Rise Jeans

jeans, denim, girl, beauty, sitting, Low rise jeans are the opposite of high-waisted jeans. They sit comfortably low on your stomach to give you that long waisted look. They are fitted but comfortable, like the above mentioned boot cut jeans, and just as trendy. I would recommend the classic light or dark blue, paired with a fitted t-shirt and the perfect jacket and you are ready to hit the town.

Jeans are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe because they are so versatile. Having more than one pair in the closet will save you some time in agonizing over what to wear on a night out with your girls. Looking at these eight designs and determining which one works for you will start you on the right track. Happy hunting! 😊

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