Which Jeans πŸ‘– Are Best πŸ‘Œ for Me?

Have you ever asked, "which jeans are best for me"?

Many women have had a moment when they are confronted with racks upon racks of jeans and do not know where to start. Questions start flying through their head almost instantly. What color is in right now?! How many types of jeans could there possibly be?! How do I know if it’s the right fit?! Well, take a deep breath ladies, I have done the research for you. Below are the top eight pairs of jeans and colors that have been trending this year. Your jean dilemma is over! So here's the answer to "which jeans are best for me"?

1. Straight Leg Jeans

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The number one jeans are a classic that have been around a while and are the straight leg jean. These are the type of jeans that you can never go wrong with. They are comfortable to wear and have that slightly fitted timeless look. They can be worn to go on a casual date or for a quick run to the market. Paired with the right accessories, a variety of different outfits are available. If I could find them all, I would get these jeans in every color.

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