Why We Have a Passion for Guy Fashion ...


Why We Have a Passion for Guy Fashion ...
Why We Have a Passion for Guy Fashion ...

While it's not yet socially acceptable for guys to wear dresses, girls love to wear masculine styles. Jeans, shirts, vests, and tees - as far as we're concerned, it's there to be stolen! There's really no aspect of men's fashion that we can't borrow. Whether it's a casual jeans-and-tee look, or a smarter work suit, it's fair game for the girls. We might steal our boyfriend's clothes or pick up some choice pieces inspired by a masculine wardrobe. This look will never go out of style, and it's big on campus. Unisex fashion is loved by students for its simple and relaxed style - it makes getting dressed so easy!

To be fair to the girls, this one-sided fashion theft is fair enough. Masculine clothing like pants and shirts look good on us, whereas most men probably don't have the legs for a dress! So sorry guys - however annoying it is, we're just going to carry on taking our fashion inspiration from you and making your style our own. Boyfriend jeans and a loose sweater are just the thing when we want to wear something comfortable and relaxed. It's an especially good look for college girls, who want a relaxed wardrobe when they're running around campus.

One reason why women love men's fashions so much is that it's effortless. Masculine style is easy to borrow when you're running late; just throw on a loose tank over fitted jeans, with a biker jacket on top, and you're good to go. No worries about accessorizing or styling! When it's cold, a loose slouchy sweater will keep out the cold while looking relaxed and cool. The masculine look can say that you're comfortable with yourself and don't need to impress anyone. It can be relaxed and confident. But what's even better about this fashion theft is that we can take a masculine style and dress it up to add a feminine slant. Think of how you can change the look of a simple pants suit by adding a sparkly top or colorful belt. Guy fashion is an incredibly versatile look, and can be made to fit any occasion. And of course, you can make a masculine look instantly feminine by simply wearing a little makeup.

So how can you get the 'guy fashion' look? The preppy look is always big among US students, although less popular with their British counterparts. A preppy blazer and button-down shirt can be made more feminine with a slick of lipstick or statement necklace, and a checked shirt can be paired with a pair of denim shorts for a more grungy look. Girls in the UK tend to favor a more adventurous style, so wear a boyfriend jacket with the sleeves rolled up or match it with a bold print top. You can also get extra mileage out of a print summer dress by slinging a leather biker jacket on top and wearing it with tights or boots.

And here's a tip for the guys themselves - we appreciate it if you've made a bit of effort! Just because you're a student doesn't mean you have to dress like a scruff. So wear a shirt instead of a tired t-shirt, or a decent pair of jeans. You don't have to save your jacket for special occasions; throw it on over a printed tee to add a cool vibe to your college threads. And guys - maybe we'll let you wear skirts one day!

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