Why You Should Embrace the Granny Panties Trend ...

Granny pants last hit the headlines when Bridget Jones made them an object of hilarity. Despite the horrific reaction of women around the world, Daniel Cleaver loved Bridget’s “massive pants”, so I’m here to tell you why, in fact, granny pants are the sexiest underwear ever.

1. No More Wedgies!

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The best thing about wearing granny pants? It eliminates the possibility of an uncomfortable wedgie situation! There is nothing worse than your underwear going in to places it shouldn’t when you are out and about and unable to do anything to rectify the discomfort. With a nice big pair of panties, you will never have this problem. Granny pants equal comfortable movement all day, every day!

2. Embrace Your Feminist Side

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When you think about it, the real reason for tiny G-strings and other uncomfortable underwear is for the aesthetic pleasure that it brings to men. By ditching the thongs and opting for some comfier, bigger panties instead, you are embracing your feminist side and deciding to choose your own comfort over the potential pleasure of an onlooker. This is the way it should be, always put yourself first!

3. No ‘Whale Tail’

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Let’s be honest, the ‘whale tail’ look that is created when a woman wearing a G-string bends over is so 1999! Let’s face it, in 2015 this look just doesn’t fly and all it does now is work to show everybody else just how uncomfortable you must be! With granny panties, you will never have that problem. Their waist band will keep you warm and snug and will not provide onlookers with a glimpse of your behind without your consent!

4. It’s Time to Reclaim the Style

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For some reason along the time span of underwear fashion, it was decided that the less material there was, the better. In hindsight, it leaves one to wonder exactly why this happened? For too long the bigger panty has been subject to the ‘granny’ tag, and now it’s time to reclaim to style and make them popular for everybody! After all, comfort never goes out of fashion!

5. It is Actually Very Classic

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Think about it, what kind of panties do you think all of the world’s most glamorous Hollywood movie stars wore during the golden age of cinema? Certainly not modern G-strings! If bigger underwear was good enough for the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, it is absolutely good enough for us!

6. No Annoying Skin Marks

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One of the worst things about G-strings is the annoying and sometimes uncomfortable marks that they can leave on your skin after a full days wear. This is certainly not the case with granny panties, and they will leave your skin unmarked and baby smooth all day long! Why be so uncomfortable under your clothes when you are only at work or off to do some shopping? It doesn’t make any sense!

7. Some Men Actually like Them!

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We’ve all seen Bridget Jones, right? Though you think the sexiest way to go is for the option with as little material as possible, it is a fact that not all men prefer the G-strong option. And with the granny panty coming back in to fashion, you would be surprised at just how pretty and fashionable some varieties on the market actually are. Look for yourself, browse around; you will be pleasantly surprised!

So are you going to continue to allow your butt to munch your thong or will you be slipping into a pair of uber-sexy granny pants?

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