20 Worst Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make ...

Worst fashion mistakes a girl or a woman can’t risk making deserve quite a bit of space, my ladies, so do take not that this is going to be a pretty long list. On the bright side, you may even enjoy a few laughs or feel encouraged to take a trip down the memory lane and laugh over a particular fashion faux pas of your own or feel good about all those common fashion mistakes you’ve managed to avoid with success! But, let me spare you the long intro and share my top 20 worst no-no’s:

1. Showing Too Much

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Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! Furthermore, it’s one of the worst fashion mistakes in my book and pretty much any book out there. Sure, we can turn a blind eye but only if you’re younger than 20 which is generally considered a perfect age to invest in a few tops than reach past your belly button and learn that showing it all doesn’t guarantee you attention..or, at least, not any positive attention.

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