7 Worthwhile Reasons to Wear Black ...


7 Worthwhile Reasons to Wear Black ...
7 Worthwhile Reasons to Wear Black ...

I like to watch fashion makeover shows on TV, and while they often treat black clothes like the Black Death, I’m here to give you 7 reasons to wear black and love it. These fashion gurus thrust prints at us like we’re all going to meet up at some frenzied after-hour fiesta. None of these shows has convinced me that there's an alternative to wearing black in just about every situation. You might already have your own reasons to wear black, too.

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Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly What if Audrey Hepburn was wearing an LPD (Little PRINT Dress) as she peered into Tiffany’s window during the opening credits of Breakfast At Tiffany’s? What if she was attired in some frumpy floral frock? Probably not such an iconic moment. If you need reasons to wear black, Hepburn summed it up quite nicely for us in her Givenchy. Whether you’re strolling along 5th Avenue at daybreak or enjoying a glorious morning in your own neighborhood, black is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee and Danish.


Know Who You’re Dressing for

Know Who You’re Dressing for If the answer is yourself, or even other women, then knock yourself out with your prints, and florals. But if instead, you’re dressing for your man, or to attract a man, lose those prints, girlfriend. They’re simply not sexy. Best to save the busy clothes for lunch with your friends. They’ll appreciate them and even covet them. Men will just move on to the next black clad seductress.


Get Chic

Get Chic You know, years ago it was enough to have just one Little Black Dress in your closet, but today you really need a few in varying lengths and fabrics. If you have these pieces in your wardrobe, I promise you, the next time you need an outfit for something that comes up unexpectedly, you'll be prepared. Let the challenge come from deciding which of your awesome accessories will complete your look. There is no chicer choice, and no color - I’m looking at YOU Radiant Orchid/Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 - that will make you radiate sophistication and worldliness, as black does. Use the Radiant Orchid for your nail color; it will pop nicely against the black dress.


The Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt In the 70s and 80s, it was all about the Red Power Suit. Today, that's simply trying way too hard, not to mention, dated. Instead, wear a fitted white shirt and a black pencil skirt, with or without a black jacket, et voila: You’re equally ready for the board room or sexy secretary! What a powerful vision is the woman that can carry off this outfit! Talk about going from the work place to evening, this ensemble is the personification of that statement. Change out your jewelry, opt for a higher heel shoe, lose the jacket, and maybe even open another button on your shirt, and you’re ready for dinner and drinks.


Black Commands Respect

Black Commands Respect With black skinny jeans, black leggings, or even black capris, I love a black top. Surprised? It’s just a sleek look, and since I love accessories, what a great opportunity to add a colorful piece to the outfit. Chunky jewelry, a long necklace, a belt with a great silver or gold buckle, a great pop of color for your bag and shoes, and you have a casual but stylish look that says so much more than a floral print can ever do. With an all-black casual outfit, try accessorizing with white and gold for a very moneyed look. When wearing a black top with black pants, some type of embellishment along the neckline or down the front of the top would be ideal. Added bonus: black paired with black is very slimming!


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie You didn’t really think I could write about black clothes and not mention Angie, did you? From high-slit Oscar gowns to high-waist pencil skirts, nobody does black better. Now, I have seen pictures of her in white or even red, but I can’t remember ever seeing Angelina wearing a flowered skirt or top. I mean really, how would you dress to save the world - in an artsy floral number or head-to-toe black?


The Black Coat

The Black Coat I have to tell you that moving from the east coast to the west coast, one of the fashion pieces that I really miss is the coat. If the black dress or gown is the mother of all black clothes, and the pencil skirt is the sexy secretary, then the black coat or jacket is the rock star. With a splash of color at the throat from a scarf, or a combination of fabrics and textures for a black on black effect, one or more zippers, double-breasted, flared, fitted or belted; I love ‘em all! The black coat is the completer piece that will make you feel you can conquer the world.

So what rings your fashion bell? Are you a paisley princess or a posh fashion plate? Do you get the double take when you’re out and about, or are you easily dismissed? It’s easy to put it to the test. I think you’ll find black the clear winner.

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I love my LBD's. People say you always wear black, I do and I feel good in black with statement jewellery. Thank you.

What's LBD?

Love wearing black, but I guess that also comes with being an architecture student, yes the stereotype is rather true

I love the color black no other color screams sophistication. I wear this color almost everyday to work

Thank God for Coco Chanel, the inventor of the LBD

Nothing quite like black with diamonds and pearls. Can go anywhere in that combo and feel good.

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