7 Worthwhile Reasons to Wear Black ...

I like to watch fashion makeover shows on TV, and while they often treat black clothes like the Black Death, I’m here to give you 7 reasons to wear black and love it. These fashion gurus thrust prints at us like we’re all going to meet up at some frenzied after-hour fiesta. None of these shows has convinced me that there's an alternative to wearing black in just about every situation. You might already have your own reasons to wear black, too.

1. Holly Golightly

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What if Audrey Hepburn was wearing an LPD (Little PRINT Dress) as she peered into Tiffany’s window during the opening credits of Breakfast At Tiffany’s? What if she was attired in some frumpy floral frock? Probably not such an iconic moment. If you need reasons to wear black, Hepburn summed it up quite nicely for us in her Givenchy. Whether you’re strolling along 5th Avenue at daybreak or enjoying a glorious morning in your own neighborhood, black is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee and Danish.

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