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Would You Benefit from Wearing Compression Stockings

By Carly

When you hear the phrase compression stockings, the first images that come to your mind are probably ones of your grandmothers and other elderly women wearing big thick socks under their tights, socks that don’t look good and certainly don’t look comfortable! That might be how it was a few years ago, but times have changed, and compression socks aren’t just something for the old and infirm anymore! Ask yourself the question would you benefit from wearing compression stockings and then read on for the answer.

1 What Are They?

So, what actually ARE compression stockings and socks? Put simply, they are a special type of sock that works to put pressure against your legs as you wear them. The highest pressure is at the angle and the lowest at the thigh, and this design creates pressure that pushes upwards to get the blood flowing back towards the heart. The aim is to make sure that your circulation is as healthy as possible to avoid things like bloating, swelling, spider veins, varicose veins, and overall unsightly swelling. Of course in more serious cases you might need a consultation in a varicose veins clinic and get a porfessional treatment for permanent and lasting results.

2 When Are They Used?

There are plenty of reasons to wear compression stockings or socks other than being elderly. Women might choose to wear them on flights where there are changes of air pressure, if you are pregnant, and if you are an athlete to make your circulation better and improve your recovery rates in between training sessions and contests. Some people who have office jobs have spoken about the positive effect of compression stockings. When you think about, you might sit at your desk every day for even longer than you would sit on an airplane!

3 Are There Fashion Options?

If you are a younger person who wants to feel the benefits of compression socks, then you don’t have to worry about looking old fashioned or frumpy. The good thing is that knee-high socks are back in fashion, so the design of the stockings is already on trend. They are also becoming increasingly available in a variety of patterns and colours that don’t make them seem like something that have been prescribed by a doctor in boring beige or white. If you don’t want a heavy duty solution, then there are also lots of sheer and lightweight options that can give you light relief from muscles cramps and long standing pain.

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