You Must Stop Wearing These Things when You Turn 30 ...

By Jennifer

You Must Stop Wearing These Things when You Turn 30 ...

It seems like everywhere we look, we're being told what to wear and what not to wear depending on our gender, sex, age, and body type. That's just far too much to address in one article, so for now, I'd like to focus on all of the things we women (ciscgender or otherwise) must stop wearing once we turn 30.

Table of contents:

  1. anything uncomfortable
  2. anything that doesn't fit
  3. anything anyone else told you to wear
  4. anything that you actively, passionately loathe
  5. anything that makes you feel less than lovely
  6. anything your ex used to love, but you never did
  7. basically, yes...

1 Anything Uncomfortable

Whether you secretly loathe skinny jeans (they're so constricting!) or hate high heels (they make your feet hurt!), now that you're 30, it's time to ditch those uncomfortable fashion items. If they hurt, bind, restrict, or pinch, it's time to stop wearing them.

2 Anything That Doesn't Fit

I'm not sure why we started wearing clothes that were too small or too big in the first place! But now that you're 30, it's time to spend some time in a fitting room to figure out that you're not a size 12, you're an 8; or maybe that you're not a size 4, you're a 6. Whatever the case may be, clothes that fit are so much more comfortable and flattering than clothes that don't.

3 Anything Anyone else Told You to Wear

School uniforms, granny's "proper lady" attire — it's time to lose anything anyone every forced, cajoled, or guilted you into wearing. You're 30 now, and since fashion is a way to express who you are, let go of what everyone else told you to be... and wear. Unless you love it. Then it can stay.

4 Anything That You Actively, Passionately Loathe

If for some reason you just can't stand something, no matter how fashionable or trendy it is, feel free to ditch it. You dress your body how YOU want to, fads be damned.

5 Anything That Makes You Feel Less than Lovely

You're beautiful and there's no reason to wear anything you don't think flatters you and helps you express your inner person.

6 Anything Your Ex Used to Love, but You Never Did

So he loved that short red dress, and you hated it. Or he preferred those skinny jeans to the boyfriend fit jeans. Ask yourself: are you wearing these clothes because you love them? Or because he did, so you're afraid to let them go? It all boils down to what you like, not what someone else liked.

7 Basically, Yes...

This is my way of saying WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. Don't worry about how society or other people or last year's boyfriend is going to judge you, because screw them! It's your body, so clothe it how you like, over 30 (or at any age)!

So many rules, but yes, it's all about you, and how you want to express yourself. 30 seems to be the best time to cast off all the self-doubt and conformity, so why not clean out your closet and move on, my dear?

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