9 Affordable, Lesser-Known Online Stores ...


What would we do without the comfort and variety of online shopping?!

Guest contributor Sara Graham shares some of her favorite online stores in this post.2

Thanks Sara!

I love online shopping, so I am always on the hunt for lesser-known stores where I can get a great deal.

There’s nothing quite like finding a store that you feel like is your «little secret.» It’s nice to own things that you know none of your friends have, and it's even better when these items are affordable!

Here are 9 affordable, lesser-known online stores:

1. Conversation Pieces

I found Conversation Pieces while browsing Pinterest one day, and I instantly fell in love.

It’s a privately owned online boutique, which sells adorable dresses, knit sweaters and cardigans, and casual shirts.

Their famous product, «the perfect shirt,» really IS the perfect shirt.

It’s comfortable, casual, affordable ($24,) and easy to dress down or up.

Every single thing I own from there is great quality, and arrived quickly along with a cute little note.

2. Cotton on

Cotton On is an incredibly affordable Australian chain.2

Although there are over 1200 Cotton On stores in 12 countries, they are still relatively unknown.

Most of the stores are in big malls, so I tend to shop the online store much more than actual stores.

Most things are under $25, and are good quality for that price.

They sell tons of basics, like leggings, cardigans, and shift dresses.

It’s also a great company-The Cotton On Foundation is dedicated to educating people in Southern Uganda!

3. T.I.L. Darling


Darling is an extremely unknown and pretty small online boutique.

They always have affordable and in-style clothes, plus AMAZING customer service.2

They sell a range of things, from shirts to dresses to outerwear to vintage items.

The deals are unbeatable- up to 70% off sales of small, indie brands, and a refer-a-friend discount!

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