7 Beautiful Tanks to Wear This Summer ...

The hot summer months are the perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful shoulders and neck with a pretty tank top.

Whether you want something classic and professional for the office, or a look that is fun and flirty for a date night, there is a tank top that will work for the occasion.

Here are 7 beautiful tanks to wear this summer.

1. The Beaded Motif Tank

The Beaded Motif Tank

Price: $48.00 at armaniexchange.com

This beautiful tank has delicate gold beading on the front.

It has a rounded hemline which gives a romantic, soft feel to the look.

Dress it up with a pencil skirt or dress it down with casual jeans.

You could wear it a dozen different ways and never exhaust the options it gives you.

Sweet Pink Crochet Tank