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Designer Dresses on Sale are one of many reasons why I love summer so, if you haven’t experienced the true joy of shopping in August, feel free to start ASAP. These designer dresses on sale I’m about to suggest here are, in fact, so fab, you might feel the shopping fever coming over you right away. So check them out, see for yourself and definitely keep your calculator close by, as you definitely want to keep track on how much you save by getting your designer dresses on sale!

1. D&G Little Black Dress

D&G Little Black Dress

Price: $339.00 at zappos.com

The first on my list of fab designer dresses on sale is this prefect, totally cute little black dress that’s going to help you look elegant in every situation.

Silver threads on the bottom part really make it pop and the best thing about it is that it still is an everlasting, easy to match, always fab little black dress.

Money well spent, I’d say!

2. Just Cavalli Animal Print Dress

Just Cavalli Animal Print Dress

Price: $228.60 at zappos.com

Yes, animal prints are hot and the same goes for natural earthy tones which means this dress isn’t such a bad investment either.

Only 10% off unfortunately but hey, it’s a good start and saving 25 bucks on something you wanted to buy anyways is actually pretty cool.

3. Halston Heritage Pleated Cocktail Dress

Halston Heritage Pleated Cocktail Dress

Price: $276.50 at zappos.com

Next on my list of great designer dresses on sale is this cool Halston Heritage pleated dress available in metallic, pink, grey and yellow, a dress I’m sure you’ve seen before…Can’t remember?

Well, I’ll tell you – Sex and The City movie!

Yes, Carrie wore it and, quite honestly, I’ve been hopelessly in love with this dress from day one!

4. Vivienne Westwood White Dress

Vivienne Westwood White Dress

Price: $658.75 at zappos.com

If you’re in the market for elegant, designer dresses on sale and you’re looking forward to purchasing the ultimate summer item, take a look at this easy to match, ready to wear anywhere Vivienne Westwood Red Label white cotton dress.

It’s quite pricy, I know, but you simply can’t go wrong white and black, and I’m sure you’ll get to wear it a lot.2

Vivienne Westwood Monday Dress
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