9 Facts about Bras That You Simply Must Know ...


Let's face it ladies, one of the basic facts about bras is the fact that we all wear them.2

Bras are a piece of clothing we all become very familiar with in our preteen years.

We begin in "training bras" and end up wearing sexy lacy pieces of different sizes and variety.

Is your interest piqued as to what neat facts about bras I can share?

Well, then, read on!

1. Hanky Panky

Amongst our interesting facts about bras, the one I loved the most (for some reason) was one of the first designs of our modern day bra.

Mary Phelps Jacob created a backless bra with two handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon in 1914.

A New York City socialite, Mary sold this design to Warner Brother's Corset Company.

This wasn't the first bra type created, but it was one of the most popular.

I think I want to get all Pinterest-creative and make one of these myself!3

The Term "brassiere"...
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