11 Girly IPhone 5 Cases ...


So you've been anxiously waiting and now you finally have the new iPhone 5 in your hand!

However, you realize your old iPhone case doesn't fit your new iPhone 5 because it's longer and thinner.

I guess it's time to get a new case to protect your most precious asset, the one that connects you to everyone and everything!

To help you get started, here are 11 Girly iPhone 5 Cases to choose from!

1. Glitter Case

Glitter Case

Can't get enough sparkle in your life?

Then a glitter iPhone 5 case could be your perfect match!

Case-Mate has a whole line of iPhone 5 glitter cases!

Their Glam case line has 6 colors including flame red, marine blue, pink, and violet purple.

These cases have a glossy finish which makes it easy to slip your iPhone 5 in and out of your pocket as well as keeping it looking shiny and new!

2. Animal Case

Animal Case

What could be more adorable then getting to carry around a little animal in your pocket?

Case-Mate has created an iPhone 5 Creatures case series that allows you to dress up your iPhone to look like your favorite animal!

In the series so far they have a penguin, panda bear, grizzly bear, monkey, peacock, elephant, giraffe, flamingo and tiger.

3. Credit Card Storage

Credit Card Storage

This type of case is PERFECT for the shopaholic in all of us!

There are a few variations of card holding phone cases from different companies but my personal favorite is the Stowaway case from Incipio.

Especially because it comes in Royal Purple and Cherry Blossom Pink colors!

This case can hold up to 3 cards and its compartment door also doubles as a kickstand!

Say goodbye to having to carry your big handbag with you when you only have to run out quick to one store or during a night out at the bar.

Quilted Case
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