11 Girly IPhone 5 Cases ...

So you've been anxiously waiting and now you finally have the new iPhone 5 in your hand!

However, you realize your old iPhone case doesn't fit your new iPhone 5 because it's longer and thinner.

I guess it's time to get a new case to protect your most precious asset, the one that connects you to everyone and everything!

To help you get started, here are 11 Girly iPhone 5 Cases to choose from!

1. Glitter Case

Glitter Case

Can't get enough sparkle in your life?

Then a glitter iPhone 5 case could be your perfect match!

Case-Mate has a whole line of iPhone 5 glitter cases!

Their Glam case line has 6 colors including flame red, marine blue, pink, and violet purple.

These cases have a glossy finish which makes it easy to slip your iPhone 5 in and out of your pocket as well as keeping it looking shiny and new!