17 Gorgeous Shoes for plus Size Ladies ...


Shoes for plus size women aren’t always easy to come by, but it’s certainly no reason to overlook them because of size.

As shoes are a fashion staple of any wardrobe, it’s essential that women of all sizes should have fabulous shoes.

When looking for shoes, it’s important to choose ones with a wider fit and sturdier heel.

Here are some gorgeous shoes for plus size women that won't disappoint!

1. Benefit Brown Crochet Sandals (Wide Width)

Benefit Brown Crochet Sandals (Wide Width)

Price: $28.50 at torrid.com

This simple sandal looks incredibly flattering on wider feet.

The crochet adds a wonderful texture to a minimal sandal, great for pairing with a long maxi skirt or some shorts.2

In fact, this sandal is so versatile that it could really be worn with anything.

The wider fit will better accommodate wider feet, giving a comfy feel while still looking chic and casual.

2. Mixed-Strap Color-Block Wedge

Mixed-Strap Color-Block Wedge

Price: $34.94 at oldnavy.gap.com

Who says plus size ladies can’t wear towering wedges?

Cushioned wedges are especially fitting shoes for plus size women as they offer more support.

You could strut around in these all day without feeling a thing!

This shoe is great for a fun night out or with a skirt on a date at the beach.

3. Herringbone Loafers

Herringbone Loafers

Price: $39.95 at gap.com

Loafers are incredibly trendy and offer a more supportive alternative to flats.2

With the geometric print and colorful piping, this shoe could easily take you from classes all day to a casual evening out.

Pair these with some dark skinnies and you’ve got a great look.

These come in many other colors, so go check it out!

4. Leather Brogues

Leather Brogues

Price: $58 at us.asos.com

These shoes are perfect for the plus size fashionista in you.2

From the bright color to the intricate lace pattern, these brogues are just what you’re looking for in an evening stroll.

Pair with some dark tights and a plaid skirt and you’ve instantly got a preppy but classy look.

An absolute must-have!

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