7 Helpful Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online ...


Selling your clothes online can be great way to reduce the clutter in your wardrobe, and you can earn some extra cash while doing so.

It goes without saying that designer brands, sought after trend pieces, and clothes that are in excellent condition are more likely to earn you cash.

But what else can you do to ensure that your clothes sell, and sell well?

Take a look at these tips for selling your clothes online.

1. Edit

When selling your clothes online, sometimes it pays to really edit down your collection of clothing.2

Designer brands and high street labels are more likely to see you recoup a larger percentage of the original cost.

Likewise, well-maintained vintage pieces are likely to attract interest.

As a general rule of thumb, ask yourself if you would buy the item that you’re re-selling in its current condition.

If the answer is yes, then go on and sell.

2. Sell in Season

Some clothing items like dresses and jeans are good sellers all year round but others might depend more on the season.

It’s probably going to be harder to sell a wool coat in the middle of summer than it would be in winter.

Think like a fashion buyer and try and sell pieces that are seasonal or following current trends.2

3. Choose Your Platform

These days there are so many online platforms for selling your clothes online.

Auction sites like eBay have been around for ages and are still a popular choice.

However, sites like Threadflip, Poshmark, ASOS Marketplace, and Tradesy are gaining popularity, while platforms like Shopify make it easy for you to open your own online store.

4. Think about Presentation

Lure potential buyers by presenting your clothes in an appealing manner.

You don’t need a fancy camera to get good photographs of your clothes.

Photograph your clothes in the best natural light possible to get accurate shots.

Try and keep the background clear of clutter so that the clothes stay the main focus.

Provide a variety of photographs, including detailed shots – for buyers, it’s the next best thing to being able to feel and touch the clothes in person.

Describe in Detail
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