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Having married into Indian culture, I've been exposed to many beautiful aspects of the Hindu religion, delicious Indian food, and traditional clothing and accessories.

Indian accessories are gorgeous and not hard to come by - you don't need to visit India in order to add some Indian flair to your wardrobe!

You just have to know what you're looking for.

Listed below are some fabulous Indian accessories to inspire the culture goddess within you!

1. Traditional Jutti Shoes

Traditional Jutti Shoes

I have several pairs of Jutti shoes.

They are basically a slip-on ballet flat, either casual or more formal, with many colors, embroidery, and beading.

The shape varies also from a rounded, pointy, or squared-off toe.

The men's version has a curled toe, much like the Genie from Aladdin.

A quick online search will yield many options for ordering yourself a pair (or two)!2

2. Bangles


Bangles have been around in American culture and beyond for a long time now.

They can be found in almost any department store's jewelry collection.

However, what makes bangles an Indian accessory is their vibrant colors and how they're worn.

They should be worn stacked high on each arm, preferably to match your outfit!

If you love bracelets, try out bangles!

3. Bindi


A bindi traditionally, is a red 'dot' placed in the center of a woman's forehead.2

This adornment is an auspicious symbol of marriage.

The center between the eyes is also considered the convergent point of energy in mystic beliefs, also known as the third eye Chakra.

Bindis today are mostly worn as a festive fashion accessory and come in tons of different shapes and sizes and colors!2

I've worn them lots of times to Indian events - they're super fun to wear!

4. Kurti Top

Kurti Top

A kurti or kurta top is basically a long tunic top, worn by men and women, with either leggings or pants.

They're usually 3/4 in length, have a brilliant pattern or color, and some structure to the collar.2

These are easy to wear casually because they go well with leggings and can be found in most any clothing store!

Search online to know how to spot them locally.

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