6 Maxi Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding...

Yesterday I found the perfect maxi dress to wear to my sister's beach wedding;

it's long, has a summer, ocean feel to it, and just puts me in the mood to relax with my toes in the sand!

I love the tropical blue and green colors and just can't wait to show if off.

It was also on sale at Kohl'sfor $42.00 from Apt.

9, which is one of my favorite brands.

Do you have a beach wedding to attend this summer, or maybe you're just looking for a dress to relax in...

6. Light & Flowy...

Light & Flowy...

Price: $188.00 @ Anthropologie

For a low key wedding on the beach with the bride and groom in relaxed attire and all the guests sipping on strawberry daiquiris, this ocean wave maxi dress will put you right in the perfect mood.

The light tones of the blue color just feels right for walking along the tide.

Pair this flowy dress with gladiator flats and a turquoise scarffor a complete look.