8 Reasons Not to Follow Fashion Trends ...


There are a number of very good reasons not to follow fashion trends.

So if you just cannot face wearing anything that's deemed fashionable, don't worry.

It doesn't matter if you are wearing what is "in" or not;

what's more important is to wear what you like and what suits you.

Here are some excellent reasons not to follow fashion trends …

1. Ridiculous

One of the top reasons not to follow fashion trends is that fashion can be utterly ridiculous.

It's often said that catwalk trends are not meant to be worn in real life, and that they filter down to high street stores in a more wearable and diluted form.

But unless you have a strong personality, why wear something that makes you look ridiculous?

2. Individual

Is there anything more annoying than seeing several people wearing the same item you've just bought?

This is a common problem when shops carry what they deem to be fashionable.

The items are often so distinctive that you will easily recognise them on someone else.

Avoiding fashion means that you're more likely to dress in an individual style.

3. Different

By refusing to follow fashion, you will be making a statement that you are different.

Your style is not dictated by magazines, designers or stores.

Isn't it much more interesting to wear what you like, rather than be influenced by people who just want to make money out of you?

4. Utterly Unflattering

Fashion can be deeply unflattering.

Just look back at old photos of yourself and you will realise how awful you looked in the fashions of the time!2

The problem with fashion is that it dates very easily.

So wear clothes that look good on you, regardless of whether they are "in" or not.

5. Dictated by Magazines

Magazines can be fun to read, but they can exert quite an influence on your idea of what you should be wearing.

Of course, the magazines are in turn dictated to by designers, who demand substantial coverage in return for letting their clothes be featured.2

So enjoy reading magazines by all means, but be aware of how they manipulate readers.

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