These Women in Taylor Swift's Squad May Be the Ultimate Style Inspo ...

Taylor Swiftโ€™s squad is seemingly endless, especially if youโ€™re taking on the difficult task of keeping up with all of her special guests on her tour every night (I consider myself a super fan, and even I lose track of whoโ€™s been a special guest and by extension, a part of her squad).

While her squad does seem to be pretty humongous, there are a few ladies who make up a tighter squad in her life.

She spends all of her down time with them, invites them to be in her music videos, on her tour (both in-person and on-video) and everywhere in between.

Somehow, Taylorโ€™s friends all have the most amazing style, and these are the women in her squad who should be your style inspo!

1. Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss

I personally think that Karlie Kloss is going to be the biggest model of our generation.

She has amazing, classic style that is sure to make her a style icon, and sheโ€™s recently started taking that to a whole new level with her YouTube channel, which highlights her fashion choices and taste so well!

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