7 Types of Shoes Every Woman Must Own ...

Are there specific types of shoes every woman should have? Well, shoes do maketh a woman. As a self-confessed shoe addict, I would love nothing more than a closet full of shoes à la Sex and the City. But this is real life and I'm no Carrie Bradshaw. Still, I do believe that a woman can never have too many shoes, but if you must choose, these are the 7 types of shoes every #woman must own.

1. Classic Pumps

Classic Pumps

Let's start with THE must-have shoe, the classic pump. Think of these as the LBD of the shoe #world. They usually go with everything under the sun, are perfect for work and play and could there be an easier way to take your #look from day to night? I recommend investing in two pairs, one black because black can do no wrong and one nude to lengthen your #legs and make you feel like a Greek goddess. You can go for rounded or pointy tips and as high or low as you'd like!