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90's Fashion We Love so Much It's Coming Back ...

By Bria

Fashion trends have a way of coming full circle and popping back up! We all know that the 90’s was the birth of many trends we still adore to this day! Here are the top 7 trends from the 90’s that we still love and rock in 2018!

1 Mom Jeans

Nothing compliments an adorable crop top or blouse like a fashionably retro pair of high-waisted mom jeans. These trendy bottoms can be found at Urban Outfitters, American Eagle or even your local thrift store!

2 Oversized Sweaters and Cardigans

These have become something of a fall season staple. Every girl should have a comfy oversized sweater or cardigan hanging in her closet. This throwback piece is an easy way to complete any outfit and give it a vintage touch!

3 Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts, jeans, and jackets (among other pieces) have come full circle! We admired icons such as Aliyah rocking the brand, and today we find other socialites and celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin and Zendaya rocking these fits!

4 Plaid Skirts

Cher Horowitz introduced us to this preppy trend paired with knee high socks and a pair of closed toed ankle strap pumps! In 2018, we are rocking this look yet again! You can find these skirts at retail stores like Forever 21 and H&M.

5 Slip Dresses

These were a staple party outfit in the 90’s as seen on just about every 90’s sitcom! No matter what color, neckline or strap style, these dresses were and still are today a simple and flirty dress for any night out on the town!

6 Overalls

Whether they’re overall pants, shorts or skirts, we all love them! These fashion pieces can be found at any retail store, or at any thrift store! You might even find some luck snatching up a pair online! Overalls are so vintage, yet modern; there are endless ways to dress them up or dress them down!

7 Windbreakers

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of the 90’s are oversized, brightly colored windbreakers. Nothing completes a casual outfit like one of these bad boys; and there are tons to find at thrift stores and garage sales! Urban, edgy and super cute…everyone should have at least one of these in their closet!

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