7 Accessories Inspired by Books ...


7 Accessories Inspired by Books ...
7 Accessories Inspired by Books ...

There are not enough accessories inspired by books out there, but what's available is really awesome. There's a lot of jewelry out there, but what if you're not a jewelry person? Don't worry about that because this list has a few options! Here are some super cute and awesome accessories inspired by books!

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Litographs Totes

Litographs Totes I absolutely love these totes, which you can find on Litographs.com, among other places. You can select from a long list of books, including Les Miserables, Alice in Wonderland, Siddhartha, Jane Austen books, and a lot of other classic books. What is so awesome about these bags is that the designs are created using the words of the books. If you look closely enough or zoom in on the bags, you can actually read parts of the books. This is definitely one of the best accessories inspired by books!


Kate Spade Clutches

Kate Spade Clutches These are just so cute! Kate Spade came out with a line of clutches (they're a little pricey) that are inspired by book covers. Some of the books are A Tale of Two Cities, I Married Adventure, and Paris and the Single Girl. The clutches have a quote on the back and a cover inspired design on the front! They meet all your clutch needs, while also meeting all your bookworm needs.


Charlotte's Web Earrings

Charlotte's Web Earrings Charlotte's Web is a classic children's book that you don't really gain true appreciation for until you're an adult. If you loved this book as a child or still love it now, don't be afraid to wear these really cute earrings inspired by the book. They're a pretty literal inspiration, but they're also just really pretty. Who wouldn't love to sport their very own classic inspired spider webs?


The Great Gatsby Ring

The Great Gatsby Ring This is a really cute ring that is a little kitschy, but that doesn't mean you still can't love it! Of course there are probably so many designs out there inspired by The Great Gatsby because of the movie, but this ring is solely about the book. If you're not into rocking '20s inspired accessories, which is likely what the movie ones are like, then here's a great way to say "I loved this book!" without looking like you're jumping on a bandwagon. Of course the '20s inspired things are gorgeous too, don't get me wrong!


Giving Tree Phone Case

The Giving Tree is a book that is loved by so many children! It's the type of book that sticks with you as you grow older, so why not have a phone case that embraces your love for this book you read as a child? It looks really cool with Apple phones because the apple logo on the back of your phone is incorporated, but that doesn't mean you need an iPhone to have the case. It is easier to find the iPhone ones, but they do exist for other phones so have no fear.

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Shakespeare Umbrella

Shakespeare Umbrella So this may not be inspired by a book in particular, but how could we talk about literature and not mention Shakespeare? Maybe you were forced to read him in school and you hated it or maybe you loved it! If you loved it then you can get this great umbrella and show it off. Instead of losing your umbrella in a sea of plain black ones, have something that stands out a little!


The Shakespeare Umbrella is a whimsical yet dignified tribute to the bard himself. With quotes and illustrations from some of his most famous plays, it's like carrying a piece of literary history with you. Perfect for those drizzly days when you need a touch of drama and poetry to brighten the gloom. Imagine strolling through the rain, each droplet a beat in iambic pentameter, as you're sheltered by the words of the greatest playwright in the English language. It's a conversation starter and a unique way to showcase your passion for classic literature.


Pride and Prejudice Scarf

Pride and Prejudice Scarf Can we talk about how much I love this? It's so cute, great for cold winter days, and an awesome way to show off your love for Jane Austen! You can still look fashionable while embracing your love for this novel. It doesn't look too kitschy and because of the simple black and white palette, it will match with anything you wear. It's an awesome subtle nod to a classic novel loved by many.

It's hard to find accessories inspired by specific books because for the most part they're just about books in general. What's great about these is that you get to express your love for specific books. Which of these do you love? Do you have any accessories to add to the list?

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