7 Fascinating Books on Style ...

By Jelena

7 Fascinating Books on Style ...

Books on Style I’m about to list today are fun to read, filled with valuable information every fashionista would appreciate and a perfect guide to help you either update your style or finally get the courage to express it. So, in case you absolutely love books on style or know somebody that does, definitely check out these 7 books on style right here!

1 The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

Price: $13.57 at amazon.com
Wouldn’t it be awesome to get your style-related tips and tricks from Christian Dior? Well, if you though this is an honor and a privilege only rich and famous are entitled to, you’re in for a big surprise! This classic useful handbook on everything from how to dress and accessorize to how to walk graciously is indeed a must-have you’ll want to have on your book shelf.

2 The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia

Price: $6.40 at amazon.com
Style is much more than simply dressing up or having a lot of designer items. It’s not about being perfect, being rich or being trendy. It’s about the way you look at yourself, it’s about the way you act… style is as unique as a person and it’s something every woman can obtain. Nina Garcia speaks about this as well as clothes, accessories, rules of fashion and good taste, inspiring every woman to reach inside and find that stylish part of her personality and the result is, in my opinion, one of the best books on style ever!

3 Fashion 101: a Crash Course in Clothing by Erika Stalder

Price: $12.91 at amazon.com
Ever wondered who invented boot cut or skinny jeans? What about Oxford shoes? Who made this or that popular? Well, this practical book on style won’t only answer all of your questions but give you valuable tips on how to rock a certain item. It’s wonderful gift for your beloved fashionista, a sort of an Encyclopedia of fashion and a read I’m sure anyone with even the slightest interest in fashion would appreciate.

4 The One Hundred: a Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own by Nina Garcia

Price: $10.87 at amazon.com
Another great book on style by the one and only – totally fabulous and amazingly witty Nina Garcia! We all know that classic everstylish pieces are always a good investment – don’t we? But which pieces are we talking about here? Well, in case that question has been haunting your fashion-overloaded mind, definitely give this book a shot as it will help explain which pieces really deserve to be paid a lot!

5 The Lucky Shopping Manual: Building and Improving Your Wardrobe Piece by Piece by Andrea Linett and Kim France

Price: $19.80 at amazon.com
Ever dreamed of opening a magazine only to realize that the entire issue is focused on showing you what and how to buy? Well, Lucky magazine knows that you’re not the only lady who has been wanting such thing. And this special book on style, written by Lucky’s editor in chief Kim France and creative director Andrea Linett combines years of experience in fashion and humor to create a read that’s jam-packed with useful info yet easy and fun to read!

6 Before You Put That on: 365 Daily Style Tips for Her by Lloyd Boston

Price: $11.00 at amazon.com
Make 2012 the most fabulous, most stylish one ever by picking up this useful collection of tips written by NBC’s fashion editor and one of the most popular fashion gurus – Lloyd Boston himself! His interesting suggestions will keep you stylish this spring, summer, autumn and winter and help you welcome the next year feeling more fabulous than ever!

7 The Style Strategy: a Less-is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart by Nina Garcia

Price: $6.24 at amazon.com
The last on my list of books on style you absolutely must read is a Nina Garcia piece that’s just as fun, interesting and useful as the first two! This book focuses on the ability to shop smart and put together interesting outfits using the stuff we already have, thus teaching us how to save while still looking as fabulous as ever. Now, isn’t that a perfect read for these economically troublesome times?

Have you read any of these books on style before and are there some other fascinating books on style you’d like to suggest? I definitely suggest Nina Garcia’s books not only because they focus on the inside and personality rather than just what’s hot and what’s not but also because they are infused with humor I simply can’t resist!

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