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26 Adorable Lolita Dresses ...

By Sabrina

Lolita dresses are classy, sweet, and adorable! I wish I could wear Lolita dresses every day, and you will too after feasting your eyes upon these lovely, unique dresses.

1 Coat Dress

Coat DressVia Elegant Lolita Pink Woolen Dress
This pink Lolita coat dress will be a great addition to your closet for the winter season!

2 Gothic Lolita

Gothic LolitaVia Kawaii Chainsaw Massacre : Photo
Gothic Lolita is a big trend, and if it's the style you adore, then this dress was made for you! The large clock adds extra interest to this dark and mysterious look.


Cute cuts

Classy mini skirt

3 Sailor Lolita

Sailor LolitaVia Lolita Fashion
This sailor Lolita dress is unforgettably adorable! If you think you can pull off this look, don't hesitate to buy it.

4 Regal Ruffles

Regal RufflesVia Style
This elegant look is classic and beautiful! The cream and maroon work well with the ruffles that complete this look.

5 Conservative

ConservativeVia Made to Order: China Cabinet ...
This conservative style is made interesting by the unique design of plates and teacups around the bottom of the dress. It's sweet and fun- a great Lolita dress!

6 Ero Lolita

Ero LolitaVia Lolita Clothing | Lolita Fashion ...
Ero Lolita is similar to gothic Lolita, but both are equally stunning! This sheer skirt with a funky pattern makes for a lovely look.

7 Sweet Lolita

Sweet LolitaVia 『ひな祭り(^-^)/ ロリータ写真速報』
This sweet Lolita look has a fabulous color scheme and makes me smile just looking at it!

8 Tough but Tame

Tough but TameVia
Even though this gothic dress communicates a certain level of toughness, it maintains a tamed vibe. That means you can wear it about town without feeling like a walking circus.

9 Modern Egyptian Lolita

Modern Egyptian LolitaVia 『Moi meme Moitie~ Egyptian lolita. ...
A less conservative look is this Egyptian Lolita style. It's utterly captivating and exceedingly rare!

10 Fun and Floral

Fun and FloralVia All things soft and beautiful...
This floral dress is one of my favorite Lolita dresses of all time! It isn't overwhelming to the eye, rather it's a breath of fresh air that would brighten up any room!

11 Classic Lolita

Classic LolitaVia Vermeil Cotton Classic Lolita Dress ...
Classic Lolita is another popular trend within the world of Lolita fashion. It’s no wonder why when there are stunning classic looks like this one available!

12 White Gothic

White GothicVia Gothic lolita dress by Ventovir ...
Most of the time, when you think of gothic, your mind conjures up images of all black, dreary colors. However, this gothic Lolita dress is white and brilliant, but still edgy!

13 Suit Jacket & Skirt

Suit Jacket & SkirtVia ★ the moosette ★, fuckyeahclassiclolita: ...
Although it isn’t technically a dress, this look can be considered one of the loveliest Lolita looks of all time!

14 Cream and Gold

Cream and GoldVia
The muted tones in this dress don’t make it any less stunning, because it’s still bound to turn heads!

15 Steampunk Lolita

Steampunk LolitaVia Steampunk Alternative Wedding Dress - ...
Steampunk and Lolita may seem very different, but when they come together, the result is utterly incredible! As evidenced by this steampunk dress, sometimes the strangest combinations make the best results.

16 Classically Sweet

Classically SweetVia Lolita Fashion
This dress combines classic and sweet Lolita styles to produce a beautiful end-product!

17 Tooth Ache

Tooth AcheVia The Heian Princess
This look is so sweet I practically got a tooth ache just looking at it! The vibrant colors, combined with multiple bows, makes this look extremely sweet.

18 Alice in Wonderland

Alice in WonderlandVia Straps Empire Short Cotton Poker ...
When Lolita fashion combines with Disney tales, you know you’re in for something spectacular! This look is the proof!

19 Japanese

Considering the Lolita fashion movement started in Japan, it only makes sense for certain styles to resemble Japanese style, like this beautiful dress.

20 Elegant

ElegantVia Summer Darkness 2013 - 7
Something about the colors in combination with the style of this dress simply makes it seem far more elegant than most other dresses on the market.

21 Lolita Dress & Cape

Lolita Dress & CapeVia Fashion - LOLITA
Adding a cape to a Lolita dress adds a dimension the dress can’t achieve on its own!

22 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia
You don’t always need a flurry of ostentatious colors to make a dress stand out. Sometimes the principle “less is more” really does apply.

23 Blush

The blush undertones throughout this dress create a sweet, subtle look you can’t help but love!

24 Think Pink!

Think Pink!Via
Sometimes, you should go big or go home! This all-over pink dress, completed with a pink purse and parasol, is a bit much to take in at first, but adorable nonetheless.


This dress has been aptly named “Blueberry Cheesecake” by its designer. The swirly tights complete this fun and fashionable look!

26 Mint

MintVia Kawaii Chainsaw Massacre
Mint seems to be the color of the century! And paired with while lace and ruffles, it takes any Lolita dress to the next level!

Lolita fashion isn’t for everyone; you have to be particularly daring in order to try it out. But if you do love Lolita, or are just beginning to, what are your favorite looks?

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