All You Need to Know about Loomia ...


All You Need to Know about Loomia ...
All You Need to Know about Loomia ...

LOOMIA is a New York-based smart clothing startup. This three-year old company makes an almost weightless fabric that utilizes built-in electrical components. The staff collaborates with other companies to add their tech-enabled textile to clothes and shoes. According to company CEO Janett Liriano, their objective is to create a bridge between digital intelligence and the physical materials people interact with daily. Read more about what the exciting startup, Loomia, has to offer:

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The LOOMIA Electronic Layer

This integrates seamlessly with the material you choose. Their Internet Protocol is in areas such as flexible apparel-friendly connectors.



The TILE gathers and stores product information like number of washes and frequency of use. You scan the TILE tag to offload data.


Blockchain Technology

This technology allows you to transfer your data to a desktop app and manage and sell it to market researchers.


Heated Shoe

LOOMIA has built a pair of women's heeled ankle boots that heat from the inside. They have the ability to detect when it is cold outside and warm up and then cool down automatically. The turn on button is next to the zipper, and they charge up by sitting on a charging pad.

The folks at LOOMIA believe the future of wearables is not miniaturized devices, but rather technology that is woven into apparel and shoes. The tech savvy staff wants their innovations to allow customers to make money off data by selling it back to the companies whose clothes they are wearing.

Learn more about Loomia here

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