10 Beautiful Boho Accessories to Make ...


Boho Accessories to Make fill my mind whenever the temperature rises. As soon as I see signs of warmer weather, I check out the many** DIY Bohemian accessories** I can copy. Want to craft with me? Let's take a look at these beautiful Boho accessories to make.

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Button Cuff

Button Cuff If you have a collection of buttons, this is the perfect Boho accessory that you can make. I love that Ashley treated the leather to make it look more Earthy. Her choice of buttons is wonderful, too. Isn't this cuff adorable? I can just imagine wearing it with denim shorts, a breezy white top, and leather sandals.



Herbal Wedding Boutonnieres

Herbal Wedding Boutonnieres Yep, you read that right: herbs. Not only are these beautiful Boho accessories to make perfect for a wedding, they're also great for other formal occasions.



Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings I was just checking out some earrings online that look similar to these. Good thing I didn't hit "BUY NOW" because they are so easy to make. I can even add beads and other Boho-like charms to make my earrings truly mine.



Fringe Necklace

Fringe Necklace Love tutorials that are easy to follow and reward you with fantastic items? Yeah, me, too. This Boho necklace tutorial is also great because you will basically need only one material: the suede fringe. You sew the ends together or add a fastener and you're done.



Knotted Boho Necklace

Knotted Boho Necklace You know how I love craft projects that help me reduce my scrap fabrics? I feel the same about tutorials that require me to dip into my crazy bead collections. The beads are not crazy, no. I am referring to the amount. Back to the tutorial... I bet this is just the necklace you need to complete your Bohemian beach look.



Dreamcatcher Necklace

Dreamcatcher Necklace It says dreamcatcher but you're not really going to make one. You will only use a circular bead, add feathers, and smaller stones, and some pretty charms. Of course, if you know how to make a dreamcatcher (they're oh-so-fun to make!), you can also use one as the base of your pendant.



Boho Belt

Boho Belt Using colorful scrap fabrics and a cheap belt, you can make something uniquely handmade following this Boho accessory tutorial. I don't know about you but I love using punchers. Of any kind. So yes, I think I shall enjoy following this tutorial very much.



Lacy Crystal Pendants


If you have crystals or beads that have no holes and you're in the mood for something beautifully Bohemian, this is the craft tutorial for you. Methinks these pendants will look great only with aged bronze or gold chains. Of course, you can also use silver or waxed cord of any color.



Boho Headpiece

Boho Headpiece Combined with your beach waves, glorious tan, and sexy two-piece, this Boho headpiece is just what you need to look like a goddess of the surf. Or something much, much prettier.



Fringe Purse

I love this because it's a fun way to give new life to an old bag. I'm sure you have a bag somewhere that could use a bit of spring re-awakening. Take it out of the closet, add fringe, and strut your "new" accessory.


I don't know about you but these beautiful Boho accessories to make got me all pumped up. I simply cannot wait to make a "mess" with my beads, buttons, laces, and colorful feathers. Hope you find something fun to craft from this list of Bohemian bling tutorials! If you try one or two of these, don't forget to show off what you made here.

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