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10 Precious DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklaces ...

By Meream

DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklaces are fun and fab craft projects. This is probably one of the DIY lists I have written here that I cannot wait to tackle. I think I will be trying each of these DIY Peter Pan collar necklaces. Hope you'd do the same! Let's have some crafty and stylish fun together!

1 Glittered & Pearled

Glittered & PearledHere we have two tutorials for DIY Peter Pan collar necklaces in one. The first will teach you how to make a glittered necklace and the second is for making a pearl-embellished piece. I say that you try both ideas because they are equally oh-so-adorable! Design variation for the pearly style: use beads of different types and shapes.


2 Scalloped & Layered

Scalloped & LayeredHow adorable! If, like me, you have lots of felt lying around, this is a fantastic and easy DIY necklace to try. The great thing about this inspiration is that you can wear two collars together for that extra sass and style.


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3 Golden Mat

Golden MatThis material is a tapestry mat. And if you feel like doing something quite nifty, this is the DIY Peter Pan collar necklace tutorial for you. Basically, you shape the collar pieces, spray paint in gold, and add the center stud.


4 Chic Scalloped

Chic ScallopedThis DIY Peter Pan collar necklace is all sorts of chic. Here's the best part: it's very easy to do! You will need felt or rubber flannel, hole punch, ribbon, thread, button, and glue gun. Assembly is pretty easy.


5 Pinked Leather

Pinked LeatherTake lightweight leather, cut your collar template (use pinking shears for the curved parts), connect the middle using a jump ring, and add ribbon. Congratulations, you just made a beautiful DIY Peter Pan collar necklace! Design variation: use leather in fun colors.


6 Studded Leather

Studded LeatherIf you want your leather Peter Pan collar to look extra edgy, adding studs is your best bet. The genius behind Chic Cheat shows us how. Bonus: the tutorial link below gives you another collar tutorial that is too fun to resist.


7 Crocheted

CrochetedOkay, so this was made for a little lady but you can easily adapt this idea to fit your pretty little neck. If, like me, you can't crochet, you can use doilies or other lacy materials for making your collar necklace.


8 Leather Bow

Leather BowI think this is my favorite among these pretty DIY Peter Pan collar necklaces. Isn't the color of the leather beautiful? I like the little bow detail by the center, too.


9 Buttoned & Laced

Buttoned & LacedI love this because you get to use items in your craft stash that you may have already forgotten. You'll need fabric strips, some pretty lace, and of course, buttons. Check out the link to know how to sew this adorable Peter Pan collar necklace.


10 Sequin Style

Sequin StyleTake sequin fabric, cut your collar pattern, and then add ribbon by the middle to fasten your collar. If you're looking for a fantabulous DIY Peter Pan collar tutorial, this is it. Make several in different colors!


I love, LOVED making this list of DIY Peter Pan collar necklaces. I cannot wait to make my versions of these Peter Pan collar necklace ideas. How about you? Do you see anything you like?

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