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9 Best Ever Fashion Tips for Elderly Women ...

By Neecey

If your mom, grandma or other elder is reliant on you to shop for her, you’d do well to know some fashion tips for elderly women. If you ‘re just a shopping buddy, these tips will still help you guide and advise. As we get older, clothing isn’t just a question of fashion and style – clothing should be fit for purpose and lifestyle, and there are a number of considerations in choosing clothes that younger women simply don’t have to think about. Here are the best fashion tips for elderly women.

1 Look for Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing is especially designed to be very easy to get on or off whether mom or gran dress themselves or need help. This type of clothing is functional but also stylish. It includes dresses; skirts with pleats to spread easily while sitting; long, wide-tabbed zippers along both side seams of pants; and dresses and tops with open backs, Velcro or large snap closures. This is one of the much appreciated fashion tips for elderly women.

2 All about the Fit

If you want the mature women in your life to look fit then the clothes must fit! Don’t let mom or gran walk around in clothing that’s too loose or too tight because they’ll look untidy or just plain uncomfortable. A good fit means wearing the right size and when necessary, some tailoring like shortened hems and / or sleeves if clothing in petite or uncommon sizes is not readily available.

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3 All about the Shoes

Style cues for a mature lady includes shoe safety. This means non-slip soles, avoiding backless slip-ons, trainer-style with Velcro instead of laces, waterproof for winter and with air vents for summer.

4 Size Changes

A sensible style hint for elderly women is to note size changes as the years go by. As women get older, their general physique shrinks. It’s easy to fall into the habit of buying oversized clothes for comfort but if too loose, sleeves could get hooked or feet could stumble on too-long pants, causing injuries.

5 Fuss-Free

Avoid tiny zippers, buttons or snaps because older ladies find them hard to manage. They may prefer front-closure bras, pull-on pants and wrap or overwrap tops. This tip is particularly helpful for women who are becoming frail or have arthritis.

6 The Layered Look

The layered look is a style staple for you but it’s also one of the most important fashion tips for elderly women because it works for mom and gran for the same reasons. It looks relaxed and it’s perfect for keeping the body temperature constant (you’ve noticed how mom and gran feel the cold). It’s easy to put on or take off a layer like a shrug or wrap or fleece top with Velcro fastenings.

7 Style Identity

Just because you’re buying the clothes doesn’t mean you should ignore mom and gran’s personal style. Remember how they used to dress, e.g. colors, patterns and fabrics. Try to incorporate some of these into the wardrobe. You could also get new ideas by seeing what their peers wear. Fashion advice for the older woman includes keeping their personal style while fitting in with the group around them and it’s as simple as a popular purse or scarf. Top style hints for mature women always include ‘the signature piece.’ No matter what’s being worn, the right signature piece uplifts ordinary to stylish. Even track pants and a top can be made stylish with a silky scarf, or a plain top and skirt looks on trend with the right pendant, or a grey shift dress becomes eye catching with a colorful pashmina.

8 Wear & Tear

You want mom and gran to look good with minimal effort, so buy clothes that can handle machine washes and tumble driers. Any garments that need special care to look neat or be maintained should not be on the shopping list. You want mom and gran to wash and wear and look good.

9 Keeping Warm

Another sign of aging is reduced body temperature. It’s important to choose warm fabrics and to make sure mom/gran/auntie has a supply of cardigans, jackets, pashminas, wraps and shawls etc to pull on whenever needed. Choose neutral colors to go with all outfits and a few stand out pieces. Make sure her closet contains a thick coat for winter and a light waterproof jacket, as well as an assortment of gloves and hats.

Elderly women don’t need to look frumpy and many will welcome help with getting to grips with modern styles, fabrics and accessories so they look just as good in their eighties as they did in their thirties. Do you care for a female elder? How do you get on with clothes shopping for her? Any tips to share?

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