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7 Best plus Size Brands ...

By Elizabeth

Some women have the skinny, some of us have the curves, and those of us with a beautiful, curvaceous figure require plus size brands of clothing that make us look good! Ladies, just because you have curves does not mean you are destined to live a life in trash bags! No! You can be beautiful in your clothes too! Check out my favorite plus size brands and see how you can dress to impress.

1 Cato

I absolutely love Cato clothing! In my opinion, it is at the top of the line in plus size brands. There are so many choices, from a business look for your important meetins to a night out on the town. Best part, they are always getting new shipments, so each week, there is something new to buy! Look out wallet!

2 Lane Bryant

Just because you are plus sized doesn't mean you have to settle for ugly and plain clothing. Lane Bryant offers many, adorable choices. From maxi dresses, chevron dresses and tunics to blazers and cardigans, you are certain to find something perfect for you from this leading plus size brand. My favorite thing about Lane Bryant is that I can shop from the comfort of my own home!

3 Avenue

Avenue is another wonderful online plus size brand! I have not purchased from this site as of yet, but I was recently checking out their new line of clothing and found them to be cute and fashionable. I cannot wait to make an order, although I must wait until next pay day, so my dear husband will not take away my credit card!

4 Pionna

If you are more interested in quality and look over price, Pionna will be a brand worth looking at when shopping plus size brands. I simply fell in love with some of their new arrivals and looks. However, the price is a bit steep for my personal checkbook.

5 Old Navy

I have always loved Old Navy brand, not just for their plus size brand, but for my entire family. While shopping maternity a while back, I fell in love with the stylish, yet comfortable, look Old Navy gave me, and I loved the pricing as well. They are equally wonderful in their plus size brands. I guess my favorite thing about Old Navy is that they run slightly large, so you can order a smaller size. Now that is always a nice thing, right?

6 Ashley Stewart

If you are a Diva in a plus sized body, you should definitly go to Ashley Stewart's website! Talk about stylish! I love how you can shop, not only by category, but by current, trending looks. And the lingerie in this plus sized brand is to die for!

7 Target

If you are a plus sized lady looking to work out in the best workout clothes, Target is the place to go. They have great reviews from plus sized ladies about their plus size brand of workout wear. Head to Target and get your yoga pants and get your workout on, girl!

What is your favorite plus size brands? Have you ever bought any of the ones I listed? I would love to hear your opinion! Please feel free to comment and tell us what your favorite plus size brand is!

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