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7 What Were They Thinking Sex and the City Outfits ...

By Lydia

There are plenty of “Sex and the City” outfits that make me question what they were thinking! When I started watching this show I had no idea that there would be so many horrible outfits because people are always talking about the fashion in the show. It’s rare that an episode goes by that I don’t shake my head at an outfit. I wanted to show more, but it’s surprisingly hard to find pictures! Here are seven what were they thinking “Sex and the City” outfits.

1 Carrie, Overdone

Carrie, Overdone This is one of those "Sex and the City" outfits that could have been fine, but then it was overdone and became horrible. If Carrie had just worn the shirt and a neutral pair of pants, without the headband, then this wouldn’t have been too bad. The combination of a bright shirt with what looks like Mickey Mouse ears on it on top of a pair of pants that bright is just too much. It’s so weird to think that this same woman can be called a fashion icon.

2 Carrie in Hot Pants?

Carrie in Hot Pants? Why, Carrie, why?! There is nothing about this outfit that is flattering! Her top is just not appealing at all, but then she also is wearing super short shorts that might as well be underwear. When I saw her wearing this outfit I just rolled my eyes because there is no way that this would have been considered fashionable. I may be wrong, but I really doubt it. If it had been ugly but flattering I could have forgiven it, but instead it’s neither.

3 Charlotte, in a Dress Cut down to THERE

Charlotte, in a Dress Cut down to THERE Now I will say that this outfit was made fun of in the episode, so I can forgive them for putting her in it. Charlotte was feeling like an old maid while in Atlantic City and wanted to spice things up a little so she bought this in a casino gift shop. Carrie made a point to make fun of the outfit right away thankfully. Here’s my problem: she wanted to look sexy, so why did she go for something so ugly?! If it got people’s attention, it sure wasn’t for the reason she was hoping for.

Anonymous - Charlotte's Casino Dress: I don't think this one...

4 Samantha in Sequins

Samantha in Sequins Another Atlantic City outfit, I don’t get it! It’s like they threw out all fashion sense when they shot this episode because Carrie had a few awful outfits in it too. Samantha is covered in blue and sequins for no reason that I can think of. I don’t see how they put this outfit on her and said “This looks good, let’s shoot!” Nothing about this outfit is cute and yet she wears it like it’s the hottest she’s ever looked. Kudos for confidence, but definitely none for style.

5 Miranda in Denim... LOTS of Denim...

Miranda in Denim... LOTS of Denim... This is the outfit that inspired this list, believe it or not. When I saw this outfit, I knew that there were more just like it waiting to be exposed as the bad choices they were! Ignoring the fact that she is wearing overalls, I would like to point out that she’s basically wearing an outfit made up of the same color. The shirt and jacket almost blend in with the denim of her overalls. On top of everything she’s wearing a denim baseball cap. Why?! The world may never know.

6 Charlotte in Carrie's Clothes?

Charlotte in Carrie's Clothes? I don’t know that this outfit was ever worn in an episode, but I saw it featured on a promo picture all over the internet while I was looking for pictures to accompany this article. What bothers me the most is that this outfit is like the anti-Charlotte. Sadly, if Carrie had worn this outfit it might not be featured on the list at all. Other than the fact that it’s so out of character, it’s also just extremely cheesy and obviously trying too hard. Since when does yuppie Charlotte wear clothes like this?!

Anonymous - Charlotte in Carrie's clothes: Yea, they were cl...

7 Miranda, if She Were on Deadliest Catch

Miranda, if She Were on Deadliest Catch When looking for pictures, I actually found that this picture inspired a whole blog of ugly clothes on “Sex and the City”! Who knew?! Miranda has, in my opinion, the ugliest wardrobe on the show. The thing is, there’s ugly and then there’s this outfit. To me, it looks like they were trying to make her look ugly. I mean come on, she’s wearing a hood and a hat that looks like something a fisherman would wear. I just can’t deal with it.

I don’t know what it is about “Sex and the City,” but they have some of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen on TV! For a show that’s so focused on fashion, you’d think that they would make some better choices. How do you feel about these outfits? Are there any others you can think of?

Gail is from the movie they were cleaning out Carries c...

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