Best Reasons for Getting Your Winter Jacket in Summer ...


Best Reasons for Getting Your Winter Jacket in Summer ...
Best Reasons for Getting Your Winter Jacket in Summer ...

Call me crazy, overly prepared or just plain simple skint with money 💴. Yes, who doesn’t try to save a dollar or two here and there? After all, little drops of water they say makes a mighty ocean. But, other than saving money, here are some of my top reasons for getting winter jackets in the summer.

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A lot of people clear out their wardrobe in spring, giving them away to charity shops etc, and that means there is an opportunity to find some lovely, often barely worn, high-end winter jackets for a very reasonable price. Now not all charities sell our their stock immediately, some try to find regional bases that will sell at a higher price or get them redesigned. Nonetheless there is always that opportunity to grab a fine coat.



High street shops clear their stock in a new season in order to make room for new stock and that means clearance sales💃🏽💃🏽. I don’t know about you, but I get a satisfying smug look when I can grab an item for 95% of its original price. It almost feels like I beat the retailer at their game.



Random poll here, who else has been caught out by an overly cold autumnal weather? When I get my winter jackets in summer, the chilly autumn weather can’t catch me out. Quite simply, the proverbial and legendary forearmed fashion move.



Okay, so let’s say you figure out that other than being prepared and saving a quite a sum in dollars by buying your winter jackets in summer. There is also the inherent opportunity to actually build a formidable winter wardrobe around this strategy long term: a win-win.

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