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7 Reasons to Wear What You Want in Summer ...

By Alison

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that as soon as the hot weather arrives, the papers and magazines will be full of articles telling us how to dress, even though there are more than a few reasons to wear what you want in summer. Not only are we told what we should be wearing, though, but what we should not be wearing. Admittedly, some looks are not flattering (oh, how I hate visible bra straps), but if there’s one time we should wear whatever we feel like, it’s during the hot weather. Here are some reasons to wear what you want in summer.

Table of contents:

  1. It’s hot
  2. Carefree time
  3. Love yourself
  4. Other people’s opinons
  5. Freedom
  6. Perfect bodies?
  7. Comfort factor

1 It’s Hot

Well, what’s the most important thing in summer? If you live in a country that (unlike the UK) has a proper summer, then staying cool and comfortable is essential. I take no notice of the fashion decree that we should smother ourselves in fake tan – it’s hot, so I wear shorts, and too bad if anyone doesn’t like my pale legs! Join in the revolution, ladies, because this is a fine reason to wear what you want in summer!

2 Carefree Time

Summer is meant to be an enjoyable time. But how is it going to be fun if we spend it worrying about how we look, and if we have the perfect beach body? So put on your bikini or shorts and make the most of this lovely weather.

3 Love Yourself

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it many times again. We really need to learn to accept ourselves as we are, both in mind and body. What does this have to do with summer outfits? Many women don’t have the confidence to wear what they want, such as a little summer dress. Unless it’s totally wrong for your body shape, go ahead (and if it makes you feel good, wear it anyway).

4 Other People’s Opinons

If you feel good, that means you project an air of confidence, and that does far more for you than whether you are wearing the ‘right’ clothes. Chances are that an outfit is more flattering than you think, or that people aren’t thinking how bad it looks, so just wear what you like. Never worry about the opinions of others; if you're comfortable, that's a perfect reason to wear what you want in summer.

5 Freedom

We spend enough time wrapped up in multiple layers of winter clothing, so we should make the most of being able to enjoy the heat and wear light clothing. I love the simplicity of just being able to pull on a dress, or t-shirt and shorts. You don’t really have to think too hard about what to wear in summer!

6 Perfect Bodies?

Let’s face it, none of us have the perfect body, because it doesn’t exist. So there’s no point worrying about putting your arms or legs on show, or whatever part of your body you dislike. To be honest, my legs aren’t great, but they do their job, so I don’t care what they look like!

7 Comfort Factor

In the heat, it’s essential to keep cool, and wearing the right clothes is an obvious way to help do so. By right, I mean for the climate. So (bearing in mind that some garments may not be appropriate for work!) that’s a very sensible reason to wear what you want in summer.

I hope that I’ve encouraged you to be more confident about wearing what you like, and not worrying about what others think. Although we tend to worry about what they might think, without knowing their actual opinion – and even then, it doesn't matter. You can come up with lots of reason to wear what you want in summer. But tell me, do you avoid wearing certain summer garments because you think they won’t look good?

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