7 Best Unknown Tumblr Fashion Blogs ...

Everyone loves Tumblr fashion blogs. I know I’ve been obsessed with them since I first discovered Tumblr! There are some ridiculously famous fashion blogs on the site, like Tommy Ton, Oscar PR Girl, and Oh So Coco to name a few. My favourite ones though, are the fashion blogs on Tumblr that are a little less known. Why? Because those are the ones that mark the individual style of each blogger, and to me, that’s always a little more interesting! So here are the 7 best unknown Tumblr fashion blogs that I just love!

1. Allthe-prettythings

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My favourite Tumblr fashion blogs always showcase more than just beautiful clothes, showing a lifestyle that’s beautiful as well. It’s not just about looking pretty on the outside. It’s also about leading a life that you’re happy with; one that is healthy, happy, and personally satisfying to you. This blog is so serene and peaceful, just looking at her posts makes my head start spinning with daydreams of a perfect summertime evening. The girl who runs this blog appears to be quite the fashionista herself, and never has any problem answering questions about her personal style. So stop by for a while, you’ll get lost in this blog in no time!

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