7 Best Fashion Blogs for College Students ...

When you need some wardrobe inspiration for the spring semester, you might want to check out these great fashion blogs for college students. Navigating fashion in college can be hard because you are trying to find your own personal style. These blogs can be a great source of inspiration and show you the best way to dress on a college budget. No matter what your personal style, these fashion blogs for college students can help you embrace everyday fashion that is perfect for a college campus.

1. College Fashion

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I would be lying if I said this was not one of my favorite fashion blogs for college students. The blog is written by college students who really understand what needs to go into a college wardrobe and how to follow trends on a student budget. They have great series like โ€œLooks on Campus,โ€ โ€œRunway Looks for Less,โ€ and โ€œFabulous Finds of the Week.โ€ This blog has everything you need to get a killer wardrobe that is perfect for any college girl.

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