8 Different Body Types and Clothes That Flatter ...

Today I'd like to talk to you girls about Different Body Types and Clothes That Flatter the most each particular body type. As you know, some of us have a terrible time finding clothes that fit really well. We may have big hips but a tiny waist so our trousers hang badly, sleeves may be too long or too short, or our blouses gape at the bust. Even though manufacturers have tried to make our clothes more wearable, it really helps shopping for clothes if you understand your body type. We’ve traditionally thought of ourselves as a pear, hourglass or apple, but it’s more sophisticated than that and here are **8 Body Types and Clothes That Flatter **explained to help you find yours!

1. The Column Body Type

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If you are tall, you are very likely this shape. Lucky you, because as long as you don’t have a problem with sleeve or leg length, you can carry clothes well. Clothes that break up your length and highlight the waist are a good way to make the most of your lovely long shape.

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